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12:36 am.

"Hey, twin?"
"...You sleeping? :D"
"Do you have work tomorrow?"
"School. At 1230, but I get picked up at 830."
"Well, how about you let me take you to school so you can sleep in? ...And we'll run that Dark Poeta run for you on Aion. :D"

I currently look like a crack whore who just learned there's a deal for her dope on the corner.
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I really need to start driving.

In other news,
School is going well. I ended up having to drop one of my classes, mostly because a.) I psyched myself out, and b.) I get overwhelmed in the land of math, way too easily. I guess I'm just going to have to be behind a little bit with my nursing prerequisites...unless I do actually begin to drive. That would be nice.

New goal: Have driver's license by November (December at the latest).

Seriously? I have a car already. The not-having-a-car is what usually keeps people my age from driving. (usually, not always). I'm also sick of being told I'm ungrateful because I have to have people drive me everywhere...but that's another story.

I got another tattoo last Friday--and yes, perhaps I should have saved my money for something else. It's a Tribal rose on my wrist; took 2 hours to do, $120 not including tip, and no, it really didn't hurt. I love it. I just wish I could fast forward through the icky, scabbing, itchy phase. It's rather obnoxious and I hate how ugly it makes my skin look.

(I'm not trying to shine like a certain faux!vampire. That would just be the moisturizer. )

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Classes start tomorrow, and I'm fairly anxious. I feel like a big idiot for having to take a Saturday class, but it was the only opening this late in the game.

Oh well. :) Biology, here I come!