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So, LJ...I bid you, adieu.

...just for two days. =]

Tomorrow morning I leave for Virginia with my mom and her boyfriend. We're staying over-night at the Duke of York motel. I need a Maryland and Stress detox, so just let me go.

My mom's boyfriend is a big history fanatic, so I will also be visiting Jamestown and Williamsburg. I'll be taking a lot of pictures, and I'll probably post some here just to waste some space. =] I'm really look forward to this trip. My mom says the town looks like an old movie set and has a nostalgic air...and also looks like a place where a killer will jump out and kill you fifteen minutes into the movie.

And you see that beach there? I bet its perfect to look at the stars, so I'll be out there at 2 a.m. star-gazing on that sand. You just wait.
Tags: i'm a nerd!, meh, mom
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