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Breaking Dawn Theory

So, apparantly there has been information revealed for Breaking Dawn. Normally, I wouldn't believe it but it's from a signing with the Stephenie Meyer herself. This is why I wish she'd come to my part of the world and let me get some personal correspondences myself. =D

According to sources, BD will feature a theme(s) like in A Midsummer Night's Dream. I'm not that big on anything Shakespearean other than what I've been told to read in school (this is obviously not on the curriculum yet!). I've seen other's views on sortofbeautiful and this is what I've come up with in my little spin of denial honest thought:
I'd emailed it to anythingbutgrey before I rejoined the LJ bandwagon.

"I agree that in most cases, it seems that this book will be 'shipping Edward/Bella or Jake/Leah but there could easily be mirrors everywhere. For instance, the Demetrius/Hemia/Helena bit could also be Sam/Emily/Leah. It could probably be a reference to Sam telling more on his story with Em and Leah to bring Jacob home and to help him get through the rough patch. Of course, that would be if the world were fair and minor characters got the spotlight, amiright?

Or, Edward could be Demetrius. It was mentioned in Eclipse that Tanya had feelings for him and Bella grew jealous. He could realize that Tanya > Bella, because they may be going to the Denali coven. According to sparknotes, they [Lysander and Hermia] run off to the house of an aunt who is 'leagues away' to be married.
I just see Bella calling the wedding off after she's realized Jake's run away...especially because Edward went behind her back and sent him the invitation to the wedding. That seemed a tad spiteful."

Just as long as Carlisle doesn't whip out a magic sparkly wand and start messing with the 'ships, I'm good.
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