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It's mornings like these where I want to take my dog, curl back up, and get back to sleeping. Seriously.

Just a random blip on the radar.
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Me: Well, I'll play unless Jay wants to. Because, y'know, I don't want him to get pissy.

Brother: Your sarcasm is hilarious.

Cousin: I think you two should play together and learn through cooperative experience.

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I wish this was insomnia.

It's 2 a.m..
I am still awake, cranking out a 5-7 page research paper that is due tomorrow at noon. Procrastination is a disease, and my case is lethal. This sucks.

...but I know I'm going to end up doing it again and again and again and again...

I hope someone learns from this. I know it's not going to be me.
default: all you know is falling

this is halloween.

"The scales beneath your skin are showing off today. There’s evil in your heart, and it wants out to play."

Happy Halloween, everyone. I hope you all have fun and are safe tonight.
I actually don't think I'm doing anything...unless something comes up, I'll be home handing out candy to cute little children. =] Either way, I love Halloween; it's hands down my favorite holiday.