Misguided Ghosts

The ones we trusted the most pushed us far away


Amanda/Manda/Pan/Ms.Pants; of the female persuasion. Nursing major. Older sister. Daughter. Photographer. Has "the goggles" set permanently to 11.
I usually post only personal things, like ramblings about my life, family, school, etc. but a few fandom related things come up here and there, mostly book or video game related. I've studied French for three years, Latin for one.

Likes: English, languages, reading, writing, sunflowers, slash goggling, music (tons of it), RPGs, dogs, Disney, horror, romance, Victoria Francés.
Dislikes: math, math, math, math, clowns, heights, bicycles.

Watches: CANAAN, True Blood, Soul Eater, Outlaw Star, Berserk, Noir, Fate/Stay Night, The Tudors, The L Word, Chrno Crusade, Kiddy Grade, Paradise Kiss, Strawberry Panic!, Sailor Moon, Scrapped Princess, Yu Yu Hakusho, Gundamn:WING, Revolutionary Girl: Utena.

Reads: Black Dagger Brotherhood series (JRWard), The Dark Hunters (Sherrilyn Kenyan), Wicked Lovely series (Melissa Mar), Modern Tales of Faerie (Holly Black), The Drake Sisters (Christine Feehan)/// Dragon Knights (Mineko Okami), Angel Sanctuary (Kaori Yuki), Paradise Kiss (Ai Yazawa), NANA (Ai Yazawa), Vampire Knight (Matsuri Hino).

Plays: The Legend of Zelda, AION: Tower of Eternity, Persona 3, Persona 4, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 7-9, Haunting Ground, Rule of Rose, .hack//GU, Resident Evil Code, Ar Tonelico II, Grandia II, Shin Megami Tensei: Devel Survivor, Eternal Sonata, Valkyrie Profile, Tales of Vesperia, Silent Hill 3, Legend of Dragoon, Soul Calibur, Chrono Crusade, Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, Phantasy Star, Crisis Core:FF7, Summon Night: Twin Age, Trauma Center, Animal Crossing, The World Ends with You, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon: Diamond, Tales of Legendia.

.hack//g.u., .hack//sign, acting, aion, akihiko sanada, akihiko/shinjiro, akuroku, alkaid, angel sanctuary, anime, anti-math, atoli, autumn, ayane, baking, black dagger brotherhood, books, border collies, carlisle cullen, ceres: celestial legend, chocolate/chocolate cake, christine feehan, chrono crusade, city of bones, cloud-watching, collecting junk, colorful photography, cosplay, crack pairings, dead or alive, disney, endrance, eternal sonata, family, fluxanatrix, friends, goofing off, grey's anatomy, haseo, haseo/atoli, headvoices, hitomi, holly black, hope, ink exchange, internet, ironside, j.r. ward, jacob black, jacob/angela, jacob/bella, jacob/leah, kairi/olette, kanji tatsumi, kasumi, kurama, kurama/hiei, leland chapman, love, macha, manga, melissa marr, minato/yukari, music, music is my boyfriend, mythology, nassau, olette, ovaaaan!!, panda bears, paradise kiss, persona 3, persona 4, phury, power rangers, pretzels, princess tutu, pro!english, quil ateara, quil/claire, quotes, rath roiben rye, rent, revolutionary girl utena, rhage, rocky horror picture show, role-playing, roleplaying, romance, scrapped princess, shinjiro aragaki, shinjiro/akihiko, singing, sleeping late, smut, snow, soap operas, star gazing, stars, suicide girls, summon night: twin age, sunshine in the rain, tall guys, the lovers, tina armstrong, tithe, twilight, unrequited love, vampires, vanilla scented anything, video games, werewolves, when they cry, white tigers, wicca, wicked lovely, wild dogs, writing, youko kurama, yu yu hakusho, yukari takeba, zsadist